Kent Walker Artisan Cheese is a staple of the local food movement. From the cheese shop in downtown Little Rock they produce unique, high quality cheeses you will not find anywhere else.

Annual cheeses include the highly popular habanero cheddar, garlic montasio, goat feta, goat gouda, leicester, and roccina. Keep an eye out for seasonal specials and reserve cheeses. Reserve cheeses are allowed to age for multiple years, and just like a good wine or whiskey, it takes on additional flavor and characteristics.

Inside the shop is a tasting room and bar where you can sample various cheeses or pair them with meat trays using high quality meats. They feature a strong selection of wine and local craft beer on tap, each can be expertly paired with their cheeses. Do not miss the growing selection of local products and gifts in the tasting room, it makes for a one-stop shop on local products.

Finally, do not miss their great events. They often have live music, cheesemaking classes, and special pairings.