Le Pops

5501 Kavanaugh Blvd Little Rock, AR

Le Pops is known for their hand made popsicles that are often created with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Le Pops is more than just popsicles, in fact if you stop there you are missing some of the best parts to this sweet shop. Get the hand shaved ice when it is in season. They utilize some of the same fresh syrups to flavor the shaved ice that go into the popsicles and it is the very best sno-cone/shaved ice around.

In winter time they bring out even more amazing treats for the colder months. The hot chocolate is the best around, they also use “hot pops” which are essentially popsicles made for the purpose of melting in the chocolate that are completely unique to the area. Don’t pass on the s’mores either, they are a huge winner in winter.