Mylo Coffee Co

2715 Kavanaugh Blvd Little Rock, AR

In 2012 a trip to the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market would have guaranteed a stop at the Mylo Coffee Co. tent. Husband and wife team Stephanos and Monica Mylonas would prepare pastries, quiches and tarts reminiscent of a European fresh bread market and artfully lay them out to sale. They were also one of the first coffee operations in Rock City to offer pour over coffee, and needless to say, on market days their coffee and pastries sold out fast.

Mylo now has a Hillcrest brick-and-mortar location, which is a hip, stylish mecca for all things pastry and caffeine. The space is full of natural line and clean lines, and if you move through the shop you’ll notice a pen-and-ink mural of Hillcrest on a white backdrop. The space has mixed seating throughout, which makes the shop feel more European and cozy.

The offerings are piled behind a glass divider where the line to order begins. You can watch the barista create latte art while you wait in line.

Grab a delicious cold-brew or opt for a French press coffee, or chose the classic method that got Mylo its started – the pour over.

Much like their market days, Mylo has a tendency to sell out of breakfast items fast, such as the fan-favorite Kougin Amann, a flakey puff pastry with various fillings such as fresh fruit and chocolate. The shop also offers lunch items – usually a sandwich on house made bread or a fresh, local salad.