Rebel Kettle quickly created a name for themselves in the growing craft beer scene.

On tap you will quickly find a much different set of beers on rotation than other places. They focus on newer style beers like saisons and sours as well as more edgy versions of classics, often blending in fruits and other flavors.

Rebel Kettle keeps a small list of standard beers that includes a cream stout, double brown, IPA, and blonde. Added to that they have a few longer seasonal rotations featuring ales, saisons, stouts, sours, and IPAs. The rest of their 16 tap rotation is small batch, short run beers, the most popular of which sometimes only last a day.

Thursday afternoon often brings a unique beer to tap that is available at 4:30 in the afternoon, these are typically special small batch brews that are a limited release.

From the food side Rebel Kettle has a full service kitchen focusing on delta and cajun inspired dishes. You will find burgers, po boys, wings, and a variety of similar food.