Our goal with Visit Rock City was not only to encourage visitors and casual diners to discover new and great restaurants, but we also wanted to serve as a way for restaurants to engage in marketing in a way that had a high impact, while require very little time or money.

An annual partnership with Visit Rock City brings marketing expertise backed by a brand that consumers have grown to trust. Our goal is to work with a number of restaurants to engage in a collective marketing effort that reduces the cost and time while having a higher impact than most restaurants can achieve for even triple the cost of our annual membership.

With a Visit Rock City membership restaurants get

  • Profile Page: A highly visual professional page that contains all the information consumers are looking for when trying to find a restaurant. Restaurants are free to point their domain over to the page if you want it to serve as a main webpage.
  • Social, Search, and Direct Marketing: We spend a portion of all the annual fees to engage in marketing activities throughout the year to promote our partner restaurants. This includes highly coveted space on Rock City Eats, our partner publications, search engine marketing, social marketing, and more.
  • Discounted Resources: In addition to our ongoing marketing efforts we can provide many above and beyond efforts such as graphic design, web design, media relations, photography, and more at a rate well under that of a typical agency. And, since we work every day in the restaurant world we know and understand the market better than the average agency.
  • Special Training: We plan to offer special training throughout the year for partners to help them promote and drive traffic to their restaurants. Training such as photography classes, media relations, and more. Most of these will be available for free to partner restaurants.

Interested? Send us a note and we will get in touch with you to set up a meeting to discuss.