As you walk in the door you will find the space evenly split down the middle with an open kitchen and pizza oven on one side and a large bar on the other. All of the seating is extremely comfortable, they took a lot of care in picking out spots that people want to stick around in. TVs line the bar and are dotted around the restaurant space, making it easy to watch a game or quickly check the digital tap menu.

In the bar there is a strong emphasis on local beers, 16 of the 27 taps are local craft coming mostly from Rebel Kettle, Stone’s Throw, Flyway, Lost Forty, and Bubba Brews. Of the remaining, only 6 are mass market domestics. There are even some gems in here like the very last kegs in the state of Victory Golden Monkey, which pulled out distribution a couple of months ago. They plan to continue to keep some hard to find beers on tap and a heavy craft, and local craft at that, focus with the menu.

Food wise, everything is shaping up very solid. We would expect nothing less out of the rock star crew that they have assembled manage the kitchen. You will find a strong mix of Italian classics, freshly cured meats, and craft pizzas on the menu.