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The age old question, pizza or salad, can be hard to tackle on an empty stomach, but if you’re struggling with it, Zaza’s Fine Salad & Wood Oven might be the answer. Crispy crusts from a wood oven topped with locally fresh ingredients make pizza a must, but it’s hard to turn down fresh, made-to-order salads with house made dressing.

Do what the regulars do and get both, and you can’t go wrong.

A product of Little Rock’s Yellow Rocket Concepts, a restaurant principal partnership, Zaza’s has been a staple in the culinary scene for over five years. Nestled in the Heights, the interior sports a wall of wood which fires the ovens, as well as touches of bright green spanning two levels. Harboring a casual, lad-back vibe, the eatery sees a lot of family traffic, but also serves as one of the most popular lunch destinations for business meetings.

With over 60 ingredients to chose from, you can build your own pizza or salad that you’re sure to love. The menu plays with flavor combinations across the board. If you want pizza you’ll have choices spanning the Classic Cheese to the Zapreme, Zaza’s take on a supreme, with everything in between. Salads are just as complex featuring a range from an Asian ginger twist to Wood-Oven Roasted Steak.

Seasonal salads are also featured frequently, thanks to partnerships with local farms.

Don’t forget dessert – Zaza’s exhibits freshly made in-house gelato to top off any meal. Although flavors change, the consistency is there – it’s delicious.
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